It is with great humility and excitement that we announce we have completed our Series A round of financing totalling $5 million from an amazing group of investors, sage advisors, trusted friends, and a wonderful network of believers and supporters.

When we first came to San Francisco three…

Incredible double save sends Iran to World Cup


Leading 1-0 over South Korea in a crucial World Cup Qualifier, Iran needed a victory to secure a place in the 2014 World Cup.

In comes Iranian goalkeeper Rahman Ahmadi.

Off of a free kick in the 75th minute, Ahmadi made an unbelievable double save that helped preserve the victory and clinch the top spot in Group A, igniting celebrations as the team booked their spot in the World Cup.

One of the most important lessons I’ve painfully learned in my adult years: “A great many things are better left unsaid”

What Your Profile Picture Says About You (Hint: "You're a Douchebag")


Warning: this post contains graphic imagery of pricks, cunts and assholes.

I have a new favorite douchebag profile pic: Enthralling My Fucking Audience. This one is phenomenal; you’ve probably seen it somewhere amongst your fucking friends. It’s where a Very Important Dbag (VIDb) is captivating above-mentioned audience solely through the power of his personal presence.

Jesus Christ, the fucking hubris. The fucking insane, idiotic hubris.

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